Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sempra Energy Buildilng Baja Terminal for LNG

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Sempra opens natural gas import terminal in Baja

With the help of Mexico President Felipe Calderon, San Diego-based Sempra Energy on Thursday inaugurated its $1-billion Energia Costa Azul gas import terminal to serve fast-growing energy demands in the southwestern U.S. and Baja California, Mexico.

The first such facility on North America's West Coast, the Sempra plant receives natural gas that was cooled to a liquid for overseas shipment by tanker. The fuel is then processed back into a gas for pipeline transport to users, including power plants, industry and homes.

As we reported yesterday, Calderon traveled to northern Baja California to open bidding on a $4-billion seaport that his adminstration hopes will one day rival those of Los Angeles and Long Beach and catapult Mexico into being a major player in North American logistics.

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