Thursday, February 5, 2009

Corning Natural Gas Coming to Pennsylvania

Corning Natural Gas Corporation has completed a major pipeline project into Pennsylvania that will bring Marcellus Shale gas to its customers.
Corning Natural Gas President Mike German said the project was the company’s largest single expansion in a quarter-century and would bring significant quantities of competitively priced gas to the utility’s customers.

Jerry Sleve, administrative vice president for the utility company, said “the combination of new local supplies and falling wholesale prices should result in much lower gas prices for our customers in the future.”

CNG’s new pipeline interconnects with a producer’s gathering line in Jackson Township, Pennsylvania.

“Given the Marcellus Shale prospects in our New York State service territory, CNG is hopeful of connecting more local production,” Sleve said, “More local production would likely put further downward pressure on gas prices, thereby helping not only core residential and commercial customers, but also providing a competitive advantage to local industries.”

German said that, “connecting local production is becoming a significant business opportunity for the company and we look forward to similar projects in the future.”

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