Friday, April 10, 2009

Natural Gas Drilling in the Park

Caddo Parish commissioners have agreed to allow natural gas drilling and a pipeline in Eddie D. Jones Park in the southern part of the parish.

The decision came today after much public comment. More than 25 people spoke on the issue.

Residents of Spring Ridge Estates, a subdivision just outside the park’s western boundary, want a rig and road in the park. Chesapeake Energy Corp. pledged to stop driving heavy trucks on roads in front of homes if it can use the road it has proposed to improve in the park.

The meeting prompted several people to attend today’s meeting. They included representatives from Chimp Haven and a local biking group. The two wanted Caddo to reconsider a paved road in the park that would carry heavy equipment close to the chimpanzee sanctuary and possibly disrupt biking trails.

The decision means the natural gas companies may use the new roads to haul equipment through the park rather than the nearby Spring Ridge Estates subdivision.

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