Sunday, July 25, 2010

Natural Gas Shale Drilling Under Investigation


The residents of Pennsylvania have been battling with a contaminated water supply for a while now. The contaminated water supply was destroying everything in its wake from cattle to humans.
The ingestion of this foul water resulted in gastric diseases, skin infections. The water is also causing deformities in the livestock and poisoning the fish, in addition to causing itchy breakouts and infected skin in the humans. The residents ofPennsylvania recently attended a public meeting to exchange their personal encounters with the contaminated water and the ways in which it affected their lives.  
The contamination of the water is rumored to be the work of a close by natural gas plant. The process of extracting the gas involves blasting the underground layer of rock and using a complex mixture of sand and chemicals. The mixture also contains water. The process of natural gas extraction is called hydraulic fracturing mainly because it uses water as a hydraulic force to fracture the bed of rock.
The companies involved in natural gas extraction around the Pennsylvania borders claim that these accounts by the residents of the area are false. They claim that the contaminated water is not a direct result of their rock blasting processes. The companieshave been approached several times to get the process approved. To attain an approval the process will have to be ratified. Ratification may mean that the current process of extraction may be deemed unfit. The companies are therefore not keen to get their process approved by government agencies.
The effects that this process is having on the environment are all to clear. The extraction of fossil fuel has also greatly vexed the environment. The Gulf of Mexico is another example of how a lack of attention and failure to adhere to regulations can lead to an environmental related disaster. The E.P.A has concluded that companies have no conscience. The government will have to strictly regulate the processes if it wants to save natural life.

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