Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chevron LNG Plant for Western Australia

Oil and gas giant Chevron Australia will build a new liquid natural gas plant off Western Australia's Pilbara coast.

The company is yet to finalise any international sales contracts but will commit to quarantining a certain percentage for domestic use in WA.

Chevron Australia chief, Roy Kryzwosinski, says the facility will initially process five million tonnes of gas a year.

He says Chevron is yet to finalise international buyers for the LNG, but is negotiating domestic contracts with the State Government.

"Wheatstone will provide a strategic hub for us for future LNG expansion", he says.

"It will likely provide for a gas to liquids project.

"Initially, it will provide one train, but we are yet to determine where the facility will be".

The Wheatstone gas field is about 85 kilometres north-west of Barrow Island.

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