Sunday, March 9, 2008

Northern Indiana Natural Gas Prices Up

Another hike in the cost of natural gas is in store for customers of Northern Indiana Public Service Company, NIPSCO, according to an announcement this week that said an increase of 4.14 percent will appear on March billing statements.
That's compared to last month when residential customers experienced a 7.52 percent increase over January.
February's increase, based on a customer's usage of 200 therms of natural gas, translated to approximately $15.42 more for the month.
In March, based on 150 therms, means customers will pay about $6.91 more to keep warm.
The increases, and at times decreases, in the cost of gas, dubbed a GCA or gas cost adjustment, are approved by the Indiana Regulatory Commission, and reflect the fluctuations in the price NIPSCO pays in the marketplace.
The company passes on the costs of the natural gas directly to customers without any markup under its traditional, regulated GCA service option.
Aside from the gas supply charge, the other components of NIPSCO's monthly gas statements include service costs for gas delivery, and state and local taxes. These service costs, which are also regulated by the IURC, vary with monthly natural gas use.

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