Sunday, February 20, 2011

European Gas Group Met in January

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 13, 2011 – There are high expectations in the gas industry for a lively European Gas Conference when all the major role players in the great pipeline debate take to the stage in Vienna from 26-28 January.

The Great European Pipeline Debate
The attendance of the European Gas Conference by the heads and high-level supporters of the five major European pipeline projects, including Nabucco, South Stream and White Stream, promises some fascinating debate during the event.  

South Stream is a proposed gas pipeline to transport Russian natural gas to the Black Sea to Bulgaria and further to Italy and Austria.  It is seen as a rival to the planned Nabucco pipeline which will run from Turkey to Austria and is supported by the EU as an attempt to lessen European dependence on Russian energy.  White Stream (also known as the Georgia-Ukraine-EU gas pipeline) is a proposed pipeline project to transport natural gas from the Caspian region to Romania and Ukraine with further supplies to Central Europe.

Report back on latest developments
Austrian Economy minister Reinhold Mittlerlehner, the leading oil and gas corporation, OMV, and former German Foreign minister Joschka Fischer are also amongst the distinguished panel of speakers at the event which will bring together some 300 stakeholders from the European gas industry.  

The Managing Director of Nabucco Gas Pipeline International, Reinhard Mitschek, will report back on the latest developments in the project, Joschka Fischer is a committed Nabucco supporter while OMV is a partner in the pipeline.  

Representing South Stream is the CEO, Marcel Kramer, who will also present an update while the head of the Russian Gas Society on energy and gas co-operation and State Duma deputy chairman, Valery Yazev, is a well-known proponent of the Russian pipeline project.  A significant delegation from the Russian gas giant, Gazprom, is attending as well as a high-level representative from the Turkish Energy Ministry.

Robert Pirani, the chairman of the White Stream project will also be there and along with the other major European pipelines, TAP and ITGI, will present the latest project developments during the European Gas Conference.

Other topics that will be addressed include:
  How long the decoupling of oil and gas prices will last, and how it will affect the industry
  North, East, South, West and Central European cooperation to ensure security of  
  The facilitation of an open European gas market
  Global context: how developments in Middle Eastern, US, and North African gas will impact the European market 

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